• Jeff Davis & Greg Brickey

    Founders & Proprietors
    From wine enthusiasts to wine store owners andnow wine makers, our wine journey as a couple began 16 years ago on Christmas Day 2004. After visiting Sonoma and Napa during a holiday road trip, we became hooked on the wines and region. This kicked off a routine of visiting Napa and Sonoma every other month to explore, learn and join way too many wine clubs.

    The wine business was far removed from our careers: Jeff works in corporate communications and Greg owns a structural engineering firm. In 2006 we bought a neighborhood wine store and bar in Scottsdale, Arizona as our first entry into selling wine, while Greg completed the winemaking program at UC Davis. With a store inventory of hundreds of wines from around the world, there was a tremendous amount of on-the-job learning. It was the perfect launchpad to winemaking and the catalyst for our move to the Napa Valley, where we also got married.

    Majuscule Wine was born in 2009 as a wine project for Greg. This planted the seed for us creating our winery nine years later.

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