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[ maj-uh-skyool ]

Majuscule, the opposite of minuscule

Big, small. Bold, timid. There really is no counterpart to the word minuscule in English. In French the opposite is majuscule, literally meaning a capital letter. Or in Latin, something rather large though not quite enormous.

The juxtaposition of big and small embodies our wine making philosophy. We craft big, yet elegant and balanced wines, from the best single-vineyards in the Napa Valley. Our award-winning wines are produced in very small lots with an intense focus on quality. We specialize in Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, producing under 500 cases per year. 

We made two barrels of the first Majuscule wines in 2009 as a side project from the same Mount Veeder vineyard that we source grapes from today. It was a fun experiment and we enjoyed sharing the wine with friends. In 2018, we made the winery official, working with our friend Lisa Chu, a longtime grower on Mount Veeder, plus some additional vineyards in other sub appellations of the Napa Valley.

Majuscule is rooted to Lisa's Wildcat Vineyard, situated on steep slopes 1,800 feet up on Mount Veeder on the western side of the Napa Valley. The vineyard is stunning and has several microclimates and clones. It's challenging to farm, but the extra effort yields incredible results in the bottle. 

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The Majuscule Team

Greg Brickey & Jeff Davis

Founders & Proprietors
Wine became a passion for Greg and Jeff after driving into the Sonoma town square on Christmas Day 2004 while on a holiday road trip. This kicked off a routine of visiting Napa and Sonoma every other month to explore, learn and join way too many wine clubs.

The wine business was far removed from their careers: Jeff works in corporate communications and Greg owns a structural engineering firm. In 2006 they bought a neighborhood wine store and bar in Scottsdale, Arizona as their first entry into selling wine, while Greg completed the winemaking program at UC Davis. With an inventory of hundreds of wines from around the world, there was a tremendous amount of on-the-job learning in the wine shop. It was the perfect launchpad to winemaking and the catalyst for their move to the Napa Valley, where they also got married.

The creation of Majuscule Wine followed in 2009 as a wine project for Greg, and this planted the seed for what was to come nine years later.

Greg Brickey

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Greg's path to winemaking began while living in France when he was 20 on a church mission. He was fascinated by the wineries and vineyards that he would ride his bike through. One day he visited Taittinger to see méthode Champenoise for himself. Staying true to his religious beliefs at the time, he declined to taste the famous bubbles at the end of the tour, which shocked his French hosts. That day marked the beginning of Greg's wine education and journey to Napa and creating Majuscule Wine.

His interest in wine followed him home to America where he honed his palate while embarking on a career in structural engineering and design.

Greg studied winemaking at UC Davis in the mid-2000s and then worked for several wineries where he made wine for two labels and himself and was a viticulturist which introduced him to growers and vineyards across the Napa Valley.

These relationships have proved to be pivotal in Greg's quest to produce outstanding wines from the best vineyards for Majuscule.

Alex de Moraes & Juanita Ramos

Alex and Juanita were married in Napa in 1989 and moved to the valley in 2006 to start Alex’s private medical practice and expand their love for wine and food.

Alex was born in Brazil and came to the U.S. at the age of six from a large Italian-German family who prospered as both winemakers and stone masons. He runs a successful concierge medicine practice in Napa and is a retired U.S. Air Force flight surgeon.

Juanita is a first-generation Spaniard who grew up on a nut and fruit farm in Winters, California. Still a farmer at heart, she gets immense joy from the winemaking process and loves the hands-on work. She’s always the first one on our sorting table at harvest. Juanita also is the proprietor of Sweet Blossom Company, where she handcrafts amazing soaps and candles from natural ingredients.

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